Contract Management for Providers

We negotiate on your behalf showcasing your unique skills and achievements to obtain optimal contract terms and allowances as well as obtain the rates you deserve.

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Your contracts should be renegotiated every year in order to keep your practice at its best position to succeed

Credaxis, Credentialing and Contracting arm of Mirra, helps you manage and renegotiate your contracts.

While you Focus on Patient Care

We take care of the rest

At Mirra, we not only send you timely reminders, but we will analyze your profile and work with you to make important updates to it in order to negotiate the best contracts.

Driven by Physicians

Backed by technology

The UHP software is built by healthcare professionals who understand exactly the kind of interface physicians would be most comfortable with. Information Technology (IT) specialists have worked very closely with Access Health Care Physicians to understand their requirements and implement them. The result is a physician friendly system.