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How to build a strong health care network?

When the providers or insurance companies consider you as the first choice, it can be said that you have built a strong health care network. As there are a lot of IPAs or physicians who have the same dream as yours, the competition is high. You must fulfill the below requirements to accomplish the target of becoming the first preference in your geographical area.

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All you need to know about CAQH

CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) is a non-profit organization, set up in the year 2000, for the purpose of bringing together health plans, healthcare providers and trade associations. Its primary goal is to make high-quality healthcare easily accessible to patients and to reduce the stress associated with healthcare administration.

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Do medical practices need to be high reliability organizations?

While the doctor’s office cannot be compared to a nuclear facility or a space program or an air-traffic control system, the need for more and more precision and elimination of errors cannot be emphasized enough. A strong safety program is a sine qua non in any good medical facility to reduce complications, mortality and morbidity.

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