Primary Source Verification for ACOs & IPAs

NCQA stipulates that seven criteria must be verified from the primary source because they identify the legal authority to practice as well as the relevant training and experience. Mirra does that for you.

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Primary Source Verification process involves the ‘primary source’, who has issued these degree certificates such as a university or another institution.

Once a provider has furnished details such as their educational background and license, they must be verified in order to avoid fraudulent practices.

The Primary Source Verification process is time consuming, tedious and labor intensive. It can eat into the time that providers spend what they are best at - treating patients.

While you Focus on Patient Care

We take care of the rest

While you focus on patient care, Mirra takes care of the rest. We have a dedicated team that keeps all of the plates spinning in the credentialing and contracting aspects of your practice. We understand that it is difficult to stay on top of all of the moving pieces. Our patient-centric mission drives us to go the extra mile to ensure that patients are in safe hands with providers whose credentials are all up to date and current without the headache associated with having to perform those duties alone.

Driven by Physicians

Backed by technology

The UHP software is built by healthcare professionals who understand exactly the kind of interface physicians would be most comfortable with. Information Technology (IT) specialists have worked very closely with Access Health Care Physicians to understand their requirements and implement them. The result is a physician friendly system.