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We maintain provider profiles and manage them for your entire practice, reducing your risk of having certified or licensed staff working with expired credentials.

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Every healthcare professional should maintain a record of their professional details in an approved online database, such as CAQH.

Did you know that there are specific regulations regarding how a provider profile must be maintained and which speak to defining the scope of necessary information and the formats it should follow across different states in the US?

The provider must adhere to the laws of the state where they are practicing when setting up their profile. The information in the practitioner’s profile is self-reported to, and usually not verified by the Department of Health. The information is shared with certain healthcare professionals or entities when required for adding hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, new office locations, insurance carriers or for renewal of licensure and other required certifications and there are seven (7) individual pieces of this information that must be Primary Source verified

While you Focus on Patient Care

We take care of the rest

At Mirra, we do this all for you. We maintain your provider profile and manage it. We send you reminders when the profile needs to be updated. We ensure that all your data is correct and up-to-date. We do this for your entire practice, thus reducing your risk of having certified or licensed staff who are working with expired credentials.

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The UHP software is built by healthcare professionals who understand exactly the kind of interface physicians would be most comfortable with. Information Technology (IT) specialists have worked very closely with Access Health Care Physicians to understand their requirements and implement them. The result is a physician friendly system.